Welcome to Univalent’s Official Homepage!!

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This is the official homepage of Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution, "Univalent GNU/Linux," developed by Incorporated Doujin Radio New Japan Broadcasting Club.

Itll be released soon, so please wait a little longer.


ここは社団同人新日本放送が開発するArchGNU/Linuxディストリビューション「Univalent GNU/Linux」の公式ホームページです。



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l  Forums 会議場

l  Mailing Lists メーリングリスト

l  UniVaWiki

Latest Release / 最新リリース

LXQt 22.08.03-Gamma5

It is an edition with "LXQt", a simple and lightweight desktop environment.


Xfce 22.07.24-Beta2

It is an edition using "Xfce", a luxurious yet lightweight desktop environment.


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This is the mother ship. Arch Linux     日本語版はこちら → Arch Linux JP

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